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About Dental Loupes

Dental work can include a lot of fine detail in very sensitive and important parts of the human anatomy, so the use of dental loupes, or magnifying glasses, has been part of the practice of dentistry for decades. Loupes fit over the ears and in front of the eyes much like a standard pair of eyeglasses, and they typically feature a binocular-like set of magnifiers attached to the eyepieces. While dentists are among the number of people who shop for these magnifiers, other folks may make use of them, from miniature model makers to painters and others who may need to work in fine detail assisted by magnifying glasses. Still others may be shopping for a vintage pair of loupes to add to their collection of oddities and vintage medical ephemera. No matter why you are looking for them, there is a vast inventory of dental loupes on eBay, including vintage loupes for collectors and brand new models for those who use them for their intended purpose. This inventory includes a variety of magnifying strengths, including 2.5x and 3.5x magnifiers.

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