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About Dent Pullers

Imagine a reverse sledge hammer that, instead of bashing bumpers and crushing doors, takes dents out of your car. That is the general idea behind dent puller devices, tools that use powerful suction cups attached to sturdy hand grips to remove dents from metal surfaces, such as the body panels of a car. An auto dent puller demands only that its user is strong enough to fight suction and the tensile strength of steel, and if you can brace yourself, you can physically yank dents out of existence. With a suction dent puller, you can also fix other surfaces, such as washers, dryers, and ovens that might have picked up a few dings and dents over the years. These devices keep your cars and appliances looking sharp, which goes a long way toward keeping their financial value intact and their usefulness prolonged. You can find a dent puller in the vast inventory of automobile accessories on eBay.