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About Denim Jeans

The story of denim jeans began in the Old West. A woodcutter in Nevada asked a tailor named Jacob Davis to make him a pair of trousers strong enough to hold up to the demands of outdoor labor, and Davis decided to reinforce the seams with rivets. Levi Strauss supplied the denim fabric, and an American legacy was born. People of all ages on every continent wear denim jeans today. No other garment in history is as popular, durable, or fashionable. Jeans are the smart choice for fashion, fun, and comfort. Women's denim jeans come in styles that flatter every body type. Choose from low-rise jeans for petite builds, mid-rise jeans for average builds, and high-rise jeans for tall builds. Men's denim jeans lean to more classic styles, but numerous colors are available for both sexes. Stonewashed jeans look broken in and feature light colors. Dark jeans tend to be thicker denim and are easy to match. Find the cut and color to match your style on eBay, where the convenient shipping options make buying jeans easy and fun.