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About Demonia Boots

You stride towards your chosen gig venue confidently, safe in the knowledge that your new boots make you stand out. With Demonia boots, you can achieve an alternative image with little effort. Thanks to their trademark giant buckles and platforms, these boots are ideal for when you want to achieve that Gothic look. To invoke the image of Gothic stars like Marilyn Manson, try combining yours with a studded choker. While black boots from the Demonia range are perfect for heavy metal lovers, glam rock fans may want to opt for an alternative color. Wearing white Demonia boots, you can achieve a futuristic image that is popular across the glam rock scene. In addition to looking daring, Demonia stack boots give you extra height. Whether you feel like standing tall above your friends or could do with a couple more inches, stack boots give you the extra length you are craving. When you shop on eBay for Demonia boots, you can choose from a vast inventory. Throw them on with your darkest clothes for a dazzling performance outfit.

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