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About Demitasse Spoons

Exquisite, proper, a relaxing conversation between friends over tea or coffee—these are some of the images that come to mind when you hear of demitasse spoons. If you think that your teaspoon can take the place of the delicacy of demitasse spoons, think again. These spoons are typically smaller than the average teaspoon, about 3- to 4.5-inch in length and are originally used to stir sugar, milk, or cream in coffee and tea first in Europe and now in North America. Demitasse spoon sets are often made of silver, but there are also highly polished gold and stainless steel sets. These little spoons are essential, especially if you are in European countries, for the traditional practice of drinking coffee, cappuccino, tea or other hot drinks. For many people, however, these vintage demitasse spoons are coveted as collectibles—if they are rare editions that can be found on eBay or made from exceptional material—or as home décor items, which are then made as luxurious gifts for special occasions.