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About Delta Table Saw

A staple in woodworking for safety, design, and ease of use, table saws provide the one piece of equipment that can perform a multitude of tasks. For a durable, quality unit, consider purchasing a Delta table saw. Most Delta table saws are considered contractor saws, which are smaller than cabinet saws, but can handle most woodworking jobs. A feature to consider is the Delta table saw motor. Cabinet saws like these feature 3/4 to 1 1/2 horsepower motors and are typically able to handle wood up to 2 inches thick, making them ideal for most woodworking projects. The Delta table saw fence is an important consideration when purchasing a table saw as the fence creates a guide for even, equal cuts from piece to piece. If your table saw does not feature a quality fence, you can replace the existing piece with a better-quality option, such as a steel tube. A Delta table saw typically uses 120-volt, 15-amp outlets, so you will not need any special specifications to operate your saw. No matter the type of Delta table saw you choose, you can find the right unit from the large selection available on eBay.