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About Dell XPS

Before you were issued a Dell XPS PC at work, you used to believe that Dell computers were only meant for college students and home users. Your office PC proved to be a workhorse as well as a reliable PC, which is why you are in the market for an XPS to use as a personal PC. Dell launched the XPS brand to provide extreme performance systems. Therefore, only gaming and performance PCs are found in the XPS series. If you want a fast, powerful, and lightweight laptop, you should choose a Dell XPS 15z. For a 15-inch laptop, the 15z is very thin and yet it does not skimp on processing power. It has a Core i7 processor and supports up to 8 GB RAM. If you want a Dell PC that is even more powerful than those in the XPS series, then you should get a Dell Studio XPS desktop or laptop. Studio XPS PCs provide outstanding performance at affordable prices. With the wide selection of performance PCs offered by reliable sellers on eBay, you can easily find the right Dell XPS PC for your needs.