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About Dell PA-10

You recently took your Dell Inspiron laptop out of the closet for your son to use, but you realized that you somehow managed to misplace its Dell PA-10 cord. You weren’t sure what to do to replace it until you asked your friend, who just so happens to be a computer whiz, what your options were. He told you to check out eBay, because many of their reliable sellers offer cords for the Dell PA-10 line of laptops. Luckily, he was right, and in just a few clicks, you were able to locate a Dell PA-10 power adapter for your Inspiron. The brand-new universal Dell PA10 charger replacement has a 7.4 central pin with two prongs to ensure that it is compatible with all US versions of Inspiron laptops. The input is also suitable for worldwide use, boasting AC100-240 volts and an output of DC19.5 volts. Your new 90-watt power supply arrived quickly and worked perfectly, as though it was made explicitly for your laptop, allowing your son to get started on that project for school.