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About Dell Optiplex 760

Give your business the communication means it needs in the powerful desktop technology found in the Dell Optiplex 760. Ideal for both small and large businesses, many individuals also love the speed found in the Optiplex 760. Operating with Windows 7 or Windows 7 Home Premium, this model also features an Intel 2.8 dual core processor and 160 GB SATA hard drive. Play and copy both CDs and DVDs, as well as burn information onto blank CD-ROMs. Your Optiplex 760 tower found in the vast inventory on eBay fits easily under a desk or in a tower cabinet and works with most flat screen monitors. Get the speed you cannot find in typical laptop or netbook with this traditional desktop computer featuring 21st century updates. Keep your computer running right with replacement parts like power supplies, video cards, and additional memory to store photos, videos, and other large files. With Windows services, you also get a Microsoft Office package already installed. Enjoy a powerful computer punch every time you switch on a Dell Optiplex 760.