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About Dell Mini 9

As a result of the growth and popularity of subnotebook and netbook computers, Dell has remained a strong contender in the miniature desktop and PC world with its appearance of the highly renowned Dell Mini 9 in 2008. Also known as the Inspiron 910 or the Dell Vostro A90, this Dell computer also stands as the ideal form for the miniature desktop and subnotebook industry, offering users an advanced Intel Atom N270 CPU, adequate internal storage space with around 8 GB, and a highly responsive and easy-to-use touchpad. However, when you are looking for more space in your Dell, you can opt to upgrade the internal drive to 16 GB or even 32 GB of storage space. Furthermore, the Dell Mini utilizes a special SSD that greatly distinguishes itself from other models, as its 50mm solid-state module with a mini PCIe interface only runs on an IDE/PATA signal. Fortunately, whether you are looking for a brand-new Dell Mini or need some parts like a Dell Mini 9 battery or Dell Mini 9 screen to fix your existing Dell, you can head to eBay to find to a massive store featuring Dell Mini parts and computers. When you want to improve your working life or simply need a little entertainment from an energy efficient, highly functional mini desktop, the Dell Mini 9 might be the ultimate PC for you.