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About Dell Laptop Covers

You love your Dell, but you're sure it'll look ten times better with a new color, and maybe a dinosaur, some stars, or maybe a TARDIS to decorate it. For that you need a Dell laptop cover. Covers come in several forms: skins, cases and lids, and sleeves. A skin cover applies directly to the surface of your machine. Most skins are made from self-adhesive vinyl, and attach to the lid; they are easy to apply and range from the humorous the pretty to a little bit geeky. While skins add style, they do little for protection. If you're sure that boring silver or black just isn't your thing, a case or a lid may work better. Dell Switch laptop covers snap onto the lid, immediately giving your laptop a facelift and a bold new color. If you're looking for something more protective, a padded sleeve, maybe one with a strap, is the better choice. The best place to find your Dell laptop cover is eBay, where reliable sellers have exactly what you need to claim your computer as your own. The P in PC stands for personal—it's your computer, so let the world know it.