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About Dell Inspiron E1505

You are bringing Vista back when you choose the Dell Inspiron E1505. An old school computer, the E1505 rose to popularity in 2006, when it was fresh faced and new. Replaced by newer models, this computer falls to the backdrop but is still a strong performer. Armed with an Intel Core Duo 2, this portable personal computer comes ready to multitask for work or play. The Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop boasts a 1.6 GHz processor speed with a 2 MB cache and a 533 MHz bus speed. Features include 1 GB of SDRAM, a lithium-ion battery, and all of the productivity applications that come standard with Windows Vista. What is more, when you shop the reliable sellers on eBay, you find used versions of the laptop as well as used or refurbished parts, such as the Dell Inspiron E1505 motherboard. Bring your computer experience to life with a retro option in the Dell Inspiron E1505.