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About Dell Inspiron 1545 PP41L

As you make arrangements for heading to college, one of the things you must consider is getting an effective laptop computer, such as the Dell Inspiron 1545 PP41L. It has a standard internal hard disk memory of 250 GB, which is large enough for you to store important school notes or documents, music, and videos. It runs on 4 GB DDR2 RAM and an Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor with a speed of 2.1 GHz, making it ideal for running several programs at once without having to worry about the device freezing or slowing down. The Dell Inspiron 1545 PP41L laptop is made of a hard customized plastic material that keeps its contents safe even when it is dropped or bumped. It weighs a mere 5 pounds, making it an ideal laptop to own as you move around from one class to another. You can find a Dell Inspiron 1545 PP41L battery and other accessories such as Dell Inspiron 1545 PP41L keyboards through the vast inventory on eBay.