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About Deion Sanders

Prime Time Deion Sanders did not just leave an indelible impact on one professional sport, as he is one of the rare professional athletes to thrive in two sports. However, unlike the legendary two-sport athlete, Bo Jackson, Sanders actually won world championships in both of the sports in which he played. As a member of the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, Sanders utilized his breakneck speed as a cornerback to shut down the best wide receivers in the league. In addition, his punt and kick returning skills left defenders in his footprints and made him one of the game’s most dangerous weapons, ultimately accomplishing enough to garner a place in the Hall of Fame. Although he did not achieve the same status during his MLB career, Sanders changed the way that managers game-planned because of his skill for stealing and taking extra bases. You can enjoy owning a small part of the historically significant Sanders’ career by going online to eBay and searching for reliable sellers who offer new or used Deion Sanders jerseys from both sports. After you buy the Sanders jersey of your favorite NFL team, you could check to see if the seller also offers a Deion Sanders baseball jersey, as there are likely plenty of Atlanta Braves jerseys with Prime Time's name on the back as well.