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About DeGrazias

Earning the title of the world’s most reproduced artist, Ettore DeGrazia, an artist, architect, sculptor, director, actor, and composer of the 20th century lives on through his works. DeGrazia’s main fields of interest were American Western and Southwestern scenes, as well as Native American children, and his impressionistic paintings were magical blends of colors that can create an aura in your home when you opt to make them part of your interior decor. By browsing on eBay, you are able to find many reproductions and even the occasional signed painting that can truly give your home a unique touch. DeGrazia also produced a variety of very lifelike figurines, the most famous of them being the collection known as "The Children of DeGrazia." All of these tiny statues bear a certain amount of warmth and love, for instance, those depicting mothers with children or children in native costumes. With them, you can arrange an impressive display on your mantelpiece or in any other place in your home where you would like to see more color. Ettore DeGrazia was a renaissance man thanks to the many talents he possessed, and you can be part of allowing his legacy to endure by displaying his artwork in your own home.

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