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About Degas

Looking for decor that will combine a love of both classic art and dance? The work of Edgar Degas does just that. Whether at the barre, posing, rehearsing, performing, or taking their celebratory bow, the dancers in an Edgar Degas painting are exquisite. The blending of the colors and the attention to detail show why he is known as one of the best artists of all time. His paintings take you into the mind of a ballerina as she waits in the wings for her turn to perform. The detail of the look in her eyes makes you feel the anticipation she would feel. Paintings where the view is of a third person overlooking the performance make the person watching it feel as if they are right there watching. Degas also made statues of dancers as well. Degas’ focus on the human form is obvious. The bodies of the dancer in the Degas statue show the strain of the muscles as they hold their ballet positions. Reliable sellers on eBay allow anyone who wants to combine their love of art and dance to show it through a piece of art by one of the greatest artists of all time.