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About Deflectors

The discomfort in a hot vehicle can be maddening, especially when you cannot open the windows. A deflector can relieve you of your heat and insanity by eliminating the need to keep the windows rolled up. These wind deflectors allow you to crack the windows without taking a shortcut to a bad hair day, and the wind is not the only element kept out of your hair by using a deflector. Rain is blocked by these handy air deflectors, so you can cut the oppressive humidity with a quick toggle of your window switch. The same is true for your parked car. Get a deflector, and you can keep the air flowing while you are away. Reliable sellers on eBay offer vast inventories of car and home air vent deflectors to keep your ducts clean, while facilitating more efficient airflow throughout your entire house. Each deflector is offered by trustworthy sellers with convenient shipping options.