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About Deep V-Neck

V-necks aren't just for women anymore. Though in the past it wasn't exactly scandalous for a man to wear this kind of shirt, now—thanks the hipster movement—a man wearing a deep v-neck is completely socially acceptable. The V-neck offers a slightly more interesting take on the standard cotton T-shirt, adding an edgy flair to girls' and guy's normal jeans-and-a-tee outfit. An American Apparel deep v-neck is a good example of a standard V-neck, with its 100 percent cotton construction, rib knit, and light weight and comfort. You can find men's and women's deep v-neck shirts in colors from every part of the spectrum, from magenta and forest green, to gray and yellow, to aquamarine and truffle. Even if hipsters don't wear them anymore because they're too mainstream, you can still find a deep v-neck T-shirt in new or gently used condition on eBay to add some comfortable edge (and depth) to your casual, everyday outfits.