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About Decanters

With a fire crackling in the fireplace and your guests dressed in their holiday best, you welcome them past the hearth and over to the bar where you pour a warming amber double from a gorgeous, sophisticated crystal decanter. No matter how top-shelf your whiskey may be, there are times when any commercial branding just seems gauche, and you would rather let the handsome, well-aged spirits speak for themselves. Crystal or cut-glass decanters catch the light and amplify the colors of the liquids within. Alongside some tasteful glassware on a polished bar or in a sleek cabinet, an ornate vessel is not only a decorative delight, but a proper homage to the ambrosia it contains. Antique decanters tie the timeless appreciation of good liquor back to bygone eras in which such formal displays were the norm. The Jim Beam line of special-release decanters is American kitsch at its best, featuring decanters shaped as classic cars, animals, cowboys, and more. However, when considering a vintage crystal decanter from among the vast inventory on eBay, it is important to ensure that it is made from lead-free crystal, as leaded crystals can leach lead into whiskey to dangerous levels. Also, be sure to find a decanter with an airtight seal, which ensures that your whiskey remains as fresh in the decanter as it does in the commercial bottle.