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About Death Notes

A war against evil waged by one man, who is pursued by the forces of good and evil. It is the story of Light Yagami in the anime series known as "Death Note." The death note is the unstoppable force that brings death to any name written within. Reliable eBay sellers offer the creativity of the series as action figures, comics, and other items. Followers of the series and true fans will love the figurines of key characters such as Light, Misa, Ryuk, and others. What is more, these same diehard fans find replicas of the actual notebook for sale with stories inside, or a replica that is actually a usable notebook. With additional items such as DVD sets, posters, and even wallets, the products here are a fan boy's dream. Fight the battle between good and evil, whether you take the side of light or ride with the darkness, when you pick up these collectible "Death Note" items.