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About Deadpool

What happens if you take something that has been shot, stabbed, poisoned, burned, and crushed and stuff it into a spandex outfit? Well, something that off the wall is bound to attract the attention of Deadpool. The self-styled “merc with a mouth” is known to comic book fans across the world for both his tendency to mouth off and his nigh indestructible nature. Neither a hero nor a villain, he spends much of his time acting on the whims of the voices in his head and the little narrative cues that only he appears to perceive. Savvy fans know to keep an eye out to see if the Deadpool action figure’s shooting his mouth off about the pages he finds himself on. After all, it just wouldn't be the same if he kept his mouth shut for once. Maybe you're looking for a Deadpool costume to see if you pull off some of the merc's inimitable charm. Both items and more are available on eBay in new and pre-loved form from reliable sellers. That is unless someone gave Deadpool multi-dimensional Internet access. You might have competition then.

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