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About Dead Sea

Some cool facts about the Dead Sea: the human body can float on it with zero effort and it’s the deepest hypersaline (salty) lake. And, yes, it’s technically a lake because it’s completely landlocked) in the world, the reason it got its name is because it’s such a harsh environment, it’s almost impossible for anything to live there, and it naturally produces asphalt—the stuff used to build roads and tarmac drives. The Dead Sea is a natural wonder and the source of a vast number of beauty products including Dead Sea mud, because of its high mineral content. Dead Sea salts are scientifically attributed to alleviate allergies, acne, dry skin, and even combat wrinkles. But you don’t have to travel all the way to Israel to enjoy the benefits of the world’s largest natural spa. Dead Sea minerals have found their way into treatments such as facemasks, body scrubs, and even anti-aging creams. All of the products are available through reliable sellers on eBay. Who knew that something dead—could give us some of the best beauty products ever?