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About DDR Memory

One sign of intelligence is the ability to remember things quickly; DDR memory speeds up your computer by feeding it data faster. Developed around the year 2000, DDR was an outgrowth of the earlier SDRAM standard, which tied memory speeds to the system bus. The problem computer users faced was that while processor speeds more than doubled, in some cases almost tripled, the memory bus inched up very slowly in comparison. DDR SDRAM was like a supercharger, offering an immediate doubling of bandwidth and fending off data starvation. While the original DDR has been followed by DDR2 and DDR3, offering even higher data transfer speeds, the principle has remained the same. You need to feed your computer more data for better performance. eBay is still the place to find all the DDR memory you need for any computer, whether you want DDR, DDR2, or even DDR3; it's all there in one place. Don't let your data plod along one bit at a time, speed it up and feed your processor twice as much.