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About Dazzle

Many a home videographer dreads the inevitable death of their last VCR, and the loss of all those home movies still trapped on VHS. Dazzle, a curvy little breakout box, turns existing analog video into digital imagery that you can edit, archive, or simply burn to DVD for those family members who no longer have a VCR, or would be stuck trying to set the clock if they did. It has a standard USB connector on one end, and a mixture of composite and S-Video inputs on the other. All you do is plug in your existing player's outputs, start the software, and away you go. Despite the name, the Dazzle HD doesn't magically convert your existing SD video to HD: Copies are only as good as the source. This DVC (digital video creator) works with other software, too; so if you have a preferred recording suite, you can use that. You can find both hardware and software with just a moment's search on eBay. It's your choice: you can let your memories fade away, or make them bright enough to dazzle.