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About David Yurman Bracelets

It is almost time to go out the door, and your outfit needs one finishing touch. Almost reflexively, you reach for your favorite David Yurman bracelet, and it adds just the right amount of relaxed elegance. Yurman introduced his signature product, the twisted helix cable bracelet, in 1982. Over 30 years later, that single 7 mm David Yurman bracelet still stands as a brand icon for the jewelry designer. Over the years, several styles of David Yurman bracelets emerged on the market, from the silver ice collection with pave diamonds to the popular X Collection and Buckle Collection. No matter your style preference, using eBay to find that perfect Yurman piece makes sense since reliable sellers carry all of the top styles. You can even find a David Yurman men's bracelet for your significant other. At the last minute, pulling together your outfit with accessories can always be a challenge. But with a go-to piece like the David Yurman bracelet, it seems effortless.