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About Dave Matthews

It seems as though everyone knows Dave Matthews’ music without necessarily knowing it’s Dave Matthews. The musician, front man of the eponymous Dave Matthews Band, came to prominence with the single “Crash into Me,” from the 1996 album “Crash.” The band has continued to find commercial success with albums such as “Everyday,” “Busted Stuff,” and “Away From the World.” Touring around the world, enthusiastic fans follow Dave Matthews and his band. Fans looking for a source for a variety of unique items need look no further than eBay, from DMB tickets to concerts to memorabilia, even autographs that any collector or fan would covet. If you’re new to Dave Matthews, discover his music with any album you could want as a starting point for delving into the complex lyrics and addictive rhythms. You can buy rare and precious limited edition items like vinyl for the DMB lover in your life as well as trinkets for yourself galore. You can even find DVDs of performances to psych yourself up for an upcoming concert—or to relive memories of concerts you’ve already attended. DMB fans around the world are passionate, and always looking for new ways to express their love of the band.

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