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About Datsun 620

"Here comes the sun," you say to your friends, watching your brother pull up in his Datsun 620. The Datsun 620 is a lightweight residential pickup truck. You can find the base level model in a standard pickup layout with two doors and a mid-size cab in back. This truck comfortably seats two passengers and you can make room in the middle for a small third one, like a kid or dog, thanks to a fold-down jumper seat with a seatbelt. Six different models exist in this Datsun collection. Pickups in this family enjoyed a short but fruitful production period between 1972 and 1979 with engineering modifications and aesthetic improvements along the way. For the workaholic, the longer and heavier version, called the U120, makes a good match for hard work. This heavy-duty truck comes with an extended cab and more powerful engine that takes diesel fuel. Thinking the more the merrier, Nissan gives this model a four-passenger cabin, letting you take everyone along for the ride. You can let your Datsun enjoy a healthy and happy life, simply by searching for Datsun 620 parts through the large inventory on eBay, such as Datsun 620 brakes, fenders, mirrors, and more.