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About Datsun 510

With a fairytale ending, the Datsun 510 inspires underdogs around the world. Looked down upon by sports cars enthusiasts, the humble Datsun earned the nickname in the 1950s of the "poor man's BMW." During the following three decades, the Datsun 510 raced to victory in auto championships around the world, showing that it is certainly a force worth reckoning with. Today, you can find most Datsuns comfortably enjoying retirement, trading speed and sports for retirement homes in private garages, and occasionally appearing at shows. These vehicles bear some resemblance to early BMW sedans with a short, square front end; low-hanging front bumper; and four headlights arranged on either side of the front grille in series of two round bulbs. Leather seats keep up to five passengers comfortable and a turbocharged engine gets people where they need to go. Like most cars, this Datsun comes in several trims and body styles. The Datsun 510 car comes in a two-door design with front seats folding to let three passengers crawl into the back. The Datsun 510 wagon is ideal for families with a larger cabin and bigger trunk to store luggage, groceries, and transport the family dog. Datsun no longer makes these classics, but you can find Datsun 510 parts and accessories easily through the large inventory on eBay.