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About Darth Vader Figures

Nothing can eclipse the memory of the first time you saw him step through a burning doorway, his respirator hissing, his black cloak sweeping over the star ship's fallen defenders as his soldiers lined up in silent respect to welcome him aboard. The Darth Vader figure may not be able to choke his underlings to death with the Force, but he can make an unforgettable addition to any collection of "Star Wars" memorabilia. A vintage "Star Wars" Darth Vader figure recalls the adventure, menace, and presence of its on-screen counterpart. The Dark Lord of the Sith is an icon, not just in his own cinematic universe, but in the entirety of film. Many types of Darth Vader figure can be found through reliable sellers on eBay. "Star Wars" and Darth Vader are nearly synonymous in many ways, so finding the right figurine should be a priority for any serious fan of the series and its many video game, television, and board game offshoots.