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About Dark Ascension

The shepherd quietly watches his flock, while dark shadows skirting on the perimeter transform into an enemy attack, but the predators watch in horror as the shepherd transforms into a vicious werewolf before their eyes. Welcome to MTG Dark Ascension, the second set in the Innistrad block. MTG Dark Ascension introduces the new mechanics Fateful Hour and Undying. The set also brings back double-face cards, which have both a front face and a back face. When in play, you can meet certain conditions to transform the card into another creature, often more powerful than the original. You should also look for MTG Dark Ascension foil cards, which are rarer and worth more than the more common card types. In addition to the intro packs, you can also buy a Dark Ascension booster pack to help you find better cards for your deck. eBay sellers offer many hard-to-find Dark Ascension cards, most with a bevy of convenient shipping options so you can get yours before the next big showdown.