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About Danskin

Just because you're working up a sweat doesn't mean you can't look great. For workouts or weekends, for ground-pounding and sky-twirling or just for lounging, Danskin makes stretchable, comfortable, durable workout clothing that's practically a synonym for the garb. People talk about "Danskins" like they talk about "Kleenex" or "Q-Tips" even when it's another brand they're actually wearing or using.  Danskin tights and Danskin leotards, Danskin yoga pants, sports bras, and other active wear for women and kids are great to wear for just about any physical activity except those that require getting wet (like swimming or scuba diving  —there's an exception to everything). They're great for vigorous athletic training, dancing, Yoga, triathlon or marathon practice, running, walking, and athletic activity generally, and also for lounging. You can find Danskin wear on eBay in skin tones, sheer, ultra shimmery, and various colors. Tops and bottoms, sports bras, standard and plus sizes, and also bags and other accessories give you a complete workout ensemble.

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