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About Dansk Plates

After World War II, Americans sought to fully embrace the serenity and joy of peacetime, and casual, relaxed dining and gatherings were the new norm. As a reflection of this new style, Ted and Martha Nierenberg launched a line of simple, contemporary, durable dining and serving items, and Dansk plates, bowls, and mugs began to populate American tables. Dansk dinner plates, designed for easy use and cleanup, are generally microwave and dishwasher safe, leaving you more time to spend at the table with family and friends instead of standing over the kitchen sink. Place settings that include matching Dansk salad plates, fruit plates, and dessert plates, are available in an array of beautiful hues and patterns that complement any home decor and satisfy myriad personal tastes. Select solid shades of blue, brown, and white, or choose colorful patterns, such as Caribe-Jamaica Jade, Sage Song, and Nordic Fruit. Explore the wide selection of new and discontinued Dansk plates offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Now plan a party and relax.

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