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About Dansk

Cool, casual, and contemporary—there's definitely something appealing about Scandinavian design. When it comes to dinnerware, flatware, and other items for home, one of the more popular brands out there today is Dansk. Since 1954, Dansk has been designing and manufacturing quality accessories for dining and entertaining. Although there have been countless designs over the years, Fjord flatware, its first product, is still one of the Dansk bestsellers—even to this very day? Not only are Dansk products found in homes, offices, and retail spaces, they're also the subject of museum exhibits in the Louvre, Smithsonian, and the Museum of Modern Art. On eBay, you can find a broad assortment of new, pre-owned, and vintage Dansk items sold by the lot and per piece. In fact, there are a lot of reliable sellers who offer Dansk flatware, pots, candles, and plates, among others. Dress up your dining table or add something new to your collection by getting some Dansk items today.

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