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About Danecraft

You open your grandmothers’ jewelry box and find some amazingly detailed and beautiful sterling silver pieces. When you ask her about the antique pieces, she explains they are Danecraft, a company which originated in Italy making fine jewelry for royals and the wealthy. Danecraft has been in business in America for 75 years creating beautiful and well-known pieces of jewelry. A Danecraft bracelet, for example, can be very ornate and heavily detailed with patterns like acorns, filigree, and dogwood blossoms. These vintage pieces are classic and stylish, making you stand out when you wear them. A Danecraft necklace may come in many of the same patterns, but one of the most popular is the pearl necklaces with a solid silver clasp. The necklaces lay smooth on the neck, grabbing light and attention easily. No matter what style of jewelry you are looking for, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a great selection of pieces to choose from while you shop from the comfort and convenience of your own home.