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About Dance Tights

All that practice has finally paid off, because who ever thought a simple game that you and your daughter played would lead to an actual dance recital? Of course, you own pairs upon pairs of dance tights now, but your daughter has insisted on both of you wearing pink dance tights tonight. Her enthusiasm is such an inspiration to you, especially since she has been through so much. Slowly, you pull on the women’s dance tights you purchased from eBay and look over at your daughter’s photograph. A tear falls from your eyes as you offer a little prayer to give you the strength to perform your best tonight. Slowly, you touch the edge of her picture, and then put on your matching pink bandana. The chemotherapy has taken a lot of your energy, but not your spirit, because you know how important this night is to not only to your daughter, but also to all of the children whose parents suffer from breast cancer. Suddenly, you take the stage, ready for an amazing night.