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About Damascene

Have you ever come across a piece of jewelry made of two different types of metals, one inside of another? These are known as Damascene jewelry. You can usually find these pieces with gold or silver set into a steel background oxidized to a dark shade. The contrast between the light and dark metals is lovely, and is a hallmark of many Japanese items. For collectors of Japanese artifacts or intricate vintage costume jewelry, these are highly prized items. Damascene pieces in your collection or for everyday wear are unique piece of jewelry that will make you the envy of others. Few jewelry pieces are produced like this today. Many of the vintage Damascene pieces use flowers or birds as their motifs, but you can find also geometric designs that have a Syrian influence. Both of these patterns are available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Just imagine how nice your jewelry collection will be when you add a damascene necklace with a dark background and a beautifully crafted silver or gold inlay.