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About Dalek

Exterminate! Exterminate! Every Doctor Who fan knows this is the cry of the Daleks: extraterrestrial mutants integrated with tank-like shells. They feel no pity, compassion, or remorse, and since their first appearance in December 1963, these unstoppable villains have tormented The Doctor in the successful science fiction series, "Dr. Who," while simultaneously capturing the imagination of Whoniverse lovers everywhere. If you are crazy about Daleks, then there is plenty of new and used merchandise available on eBay to suit your tastes, and some of it is more than a little unusual. For Halloween this year, you do not need to worry about making your own costume or running around with a saucepan on your head; use the convenient shipping options from reliable sellers to get your Dalek costume in time for trick-or-treating. If toys are more your sort of thing, you could buy an action figure or remote-controlled item; and while The Doctor may not be too keen to cuddle up with his archenemy, who else could possibly resist a cute Dalek plush to snuggle with at night?