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About Dale Earnhardt

If you can smell the oil burning, hear the engines revving, and see the checkered flags even in your dreams, if you are a NASCAR guy or gal, then you know all about Dale Earnhardt and his legend as one of the best NASCAR drivers of all time. During his memorable career, Dale Earnhardt Sr. won 76 races including a Daytona 500 victory and seven Winston Cup Championships, making him tied with Richard Petty for most cups ever won. "The Intimidator" even raced with his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a stellar few years until Earnhardt Sr. died during a race. His life and his racing changed the face of NASCAR and his death did the same, as rigorous safety changes were instituted. Earnhardt fans continue to show their support at the NASCAR track as well as by wearing Earnhardt jackets and hats and by accruing other memorabilia. Many fans turn to eBay where they know they will find clothing, Earnhardt car replicas, and more new and used items to show their support.