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About Dainese

Do you love the freedom that skiing offers? Such a complicated question is one that you ponder as you carefully put on your Dainese gloves. While you find it to be one of the best forms of expression, you recall one of the many mishaps you experienced on your excursions. In fact, as you put on your Dainese Jacket, you smile when you picture yourself sprawled out with a face full of snow, your poor limbs resembling some kind of alpine road kill. You remember how mortified you felt as you struggled to sit up only to see your 92-year-old grandma, along with your young son swish gracefully by, forming a perfect taunting zigzag down the slippery slope. Oh, what a laugh you all had when you finally made it back to the resort, especially when Grandma lovingly offering to lend you the Dainese body suit you bought for her from eBay, since you obviously needed it much more than she did. You smile as you head out to the slopes, ready for another adventure.