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About D16 Pistons

Nothing beats taking your Honda Civic for a midnight spin and listening to the sounds of your D16 VTEC engine. Now it is not enough perhaps rebuilding your engine can do the trick, and the best place to start are your D16 pistons. Pistons are what transfer force into an engine in order to create the combustion that powers it. D16 high compression pistons are made with a more aggressive dome, which allows a larger combustion, more power, and are normally used for naturally aspirated engines. D16 turbo pistons modify an engine to a lower compression ratio. The lower compression allows the engine to use a turbocharger without the fear of creating an engine knock. OEM pistons are designed for the best balance of fuel economy and drivability. There are many options available for replacing D16 pistons and fortunately reliable sellers on eBay offer large inventories of new and used pistons to make the purchasing these parts as easy as pie.