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About Cylinder Hone

You are blazing right along with your engine rebuild, and it is time to tackle the smooth cylinder walls so you can ease the engine into running the right way. To effortlessly etch a 45-degree crosshatch design into the cylinder walls, clutch the cylinder hone from its place in your kit. Nearly every cylinder in your build benefits from honing, whether for simple etching or boring up a size. The right sized cylinder hone allows achieve the perfect honing level by avoiding etch and measure errors. After honing, the engine finishes what you started and finely polishes the cylinder walls for a suitable seal. A cylinder hone handles brake, clutch, and several different round cylinders. Many reputable sellers on eBay offer several new and used options from various brands such as a Sunnen cylinder hone and an Ammco cylinder hone. Now you can hit a hone run in your engine rebuild.