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About Cycling Shorts

As fun as bike riding is, it is just not the same if you do not have the right cycling shorts for your ride. Whether you prefer the smooth, fast road surfaces where you can ride for miles at a time or the more rugged terrain of your local trails, having the appropriate clothing is essential. For example, padded cycling shorts add some much-needed cushioning, making them a great choice for cyclists who ride for several miles or hours at a time. You can find new and used shorts from reliable sellers on eBay with everything from just a minimal amount of padding to much thicker padding, depending on your needs and preferences. There is also a wide selection of mountain bike shorts, which are often equipped with weatherproof material, breathable fabric, and storage pockets for cell phones, energy bars, and anything else you may need. An expansive selection of cycling shorts ensures that you will find the best size, shape, and fit for your bike riding adventures.