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About Cycling Gloves

If you are considering cycling as a hobby, or are already bitten by the bike bug, you know that your gear is pivotal to a good ride, and cycling gloves are a key part of that gear. These provide comfort, protection, and warmth when needed. Half finger cycling gloves are great for many cyclists as they offer protection with a large measure of breathability. These choices have a good amount of leather or gel padding in the palms for comfort. Winter cycling gloves are a necessity when your hobby takes you out in cold weather. When your hands are on the handlebars, they are exposed to the elements. Winter gloves are designed to provide the extra warmth necessary, yet allow the hands to move with dexterity. These have an inner washable part with insulation between the inner and outer parts. The outer layer is usually waterproofed. Options made of neoprene keep hands warm when they are wet, yet this wetsuit fabric does this by trapping a layer of water inside the glove. Some cyclists find this uncomfortable. eBay offers a great selection of new and pre-loved cycling gloves sold by reliable sellers. Protect your hands and enjoy the ride with the right pair.