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About Cybex

Placing a priority on personal health and fitness helps you stay strong, happy, and confident. With Cybex exercise equipment, reaching fitness goals is easier, delivering consistent results when you routinely use the equipment as directed. Rooted deeply in the industries of sports medicine and rehabilitation, the Cybex treadmill, exercise bike, arc, trainer, and other products all include controls and features that make their use intuitive. Newbies and veterans alike should find it simple to understand what each Cybex bench, bike, or other machine does for the body. While these machines are ideal in a commercial gym environment, they can work just as well for you in a private setting. To have the convenience of Cybex in your own home or office exercise space, check eBay listings from reliable sellers and look for brand-new or lightly used products. Innovation and durability, two key points of the brand, make it worthwhile to invest in your own exercise machines to promote family or office fitness.