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About Cut Out

Sitting at your table, you carefully place the cut out pictures from your honeymoon into a large collage frame. In the center, you decide to add a beautiful red velvet cut out heart with the inscription, “Aloha Love.” You smile as you sort through the pictures, pausing at the one of you and your new wife at the luau party held specifically for your wedding night. The lanterns put off such a romantic tone, combined with the native Hawaiians dressed festively in their grass skirts and floral tops, while the flames and the sound of crackling wood from the fire pit set the tone for the evening. You smile affectionately as your eyes settle on your wife, dressed beautifully in a custom-made cut out black dress with little orange, red, and yellow flowers fluttering around the waistline. Even in the photo, she is so captivating that it takes your breath away, and you can’t wait until the new dress you bought for her from eBay arrives, so you can capture her beauty in more pictures and start a new collage.