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About Cut Crystals

Want to add some sparkle to your life? A gleaming example of fine craftsmanship, cut crystal makes a true statement. Despite its name, crystal is actually glass containing a minimum of 24 percent lead. Not present in other types of glassware, the lead increases the sparkle of crystal glass and also makes it easier to cut. While you may want to be careful when eating or drinking from cut lead crystal, it makes an excellent display in the home. Cut crystal adds a touch of elegance to side tables, as centerpieces or in the form of candle holders. Bowls and plates are safe for holding wrapped candies or baked goods. Some vintage cut crystal pieces are hundreds of years old, miraculously surviving with gentle care despite being so fragile. However, when shopping through eBay's reliable sellers, you are more likely to find vintage pieces that are not quite as old. Even new cut crystal is a wonderful keepsake to display in the home, and as time passes, it becomes vintage to later generations. Find just the right piece on eBay, and enjoy for years to come.