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About Cushman Trucksters

Whether you need to zip onto a baseball diamond for some between-inning maintenance, transport troops around base, or even sell ice cream on a hot day, the Cushman Truckster is ready to heed the call. First manufactured in 1952, this small, light-duty panel truck offers a simple solution for short-distance transportation and hauling along with the convenience of a footprint that is small enough to fit into a tight city parking space. Part of the Cushman Motor Works line of vehicles, the Truckster is one of the company's most enduring designs, with production through 2002, long after the company itself dissolved. As a result, different Cushman Truckster parts and models from each decade offer owners and collectors an opportunity to preserve, enhance, and restore the truck in a number of ways. In fact, sellers on eBay offer everything from full Cushman Truckster transmissions to hard-to-find door latches and wiring. Used for simple farm hauling and a staple among the NYPD's fleet, the Cushman Truckster is so much more than a simple hauler. It is a statement, a convenience, and a joy to own and drive.