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About Cushman Scooters

Manufacturers of scooters today do not build their machines to be dropped out of planes. The Cushman scooter was different — at least one model was made specifically for this purpose. Its history dates back to the war era, with production starting in 1936. The company set out to make transportation that was more affordable than buying a car. The parachute scooter was called the model 53 and it was designed to accompany Army Airborne troops on their missions during World War II. Production of the Cushman scooter continued until 1965. Throughout the period many models were made, including the Cushman Eagle scooter. It looks more like a motorcycle, however, with a tank between your knees and an exposed engine. Versions of this scooter could produce 9 bhp. The Cushman company is still in existence, and although it does not make scooters any longer, there is a vast inventory available on eBay. There are fully restored models as well as restoration projects. There is also a large assortment of Cushman scooter parts if you need to make repairs to yours.