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About Cushman Eagles

Eagles do soar, but the Cushman Eagle has always kept its tires firmly planted on the ground. As a member of the prestigious Cushman family of compact, open-design motor scooters, the Cushman Eagle scooter was the company's most popular model. Cushman Motor Works produced it for approximately 16 years, and it remains a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts. Part of the appeal of the Cushman Eagle motor scooter is its open design, which includes an exposed engine and top tank. This look, which closely resembles a motorcycle, is different from the step-through design of most other scooters, including most other Cushman models. Many collectors capitalize on this resemblance, adding sidecars and other custom parts and additions that modernize the Eagle's look. Shop on eBay to complete your own customization. The large selection of parts, accessories, and other collectible automotive items are easy to search through. While the soaring wingspan of the animal itself is a far cry from a compact mid-20th century scooter, the Cushman Eagle lives up to its name in elegance, making it a joy to own, collect, and restore.

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