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About Curtain Rods

Moving into your bachelor pad, the last thing on your mind is choosing the right curtain rods for your windows. The most work you planned to do was tack up a sheet or two and call it a day. Your mom, however, was horrified at the thought and immediately took over your interior decorating. The first phrase she started throwing around was something called a "double curtain rod." Apparently, this works great for hanging two curtains in one window. The windows looked fantastic when she was done. There was a heavy curtain on top then a sheer one underneath so you could pull back the top one but still have some window covering with the sheer. Then she used tension curtain rods in the smaller windows of the bathroom and kitchen. These were easy, just pop them into the window frame and you are good to go. It is nice to know the trusted sellers on eBay offer all kinds of different curtain rods, just in case you want to try your hand at this decorating stuff.

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